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07-09th February 2017. MOSCOW, CROCUS EXPO 
Booth No.: CH-31, Hall 4

The CSTB Telecom&Media Exhibition and Forum has long been recognized as the per-eminent electronic media event of Russia and CIS countries. This year on year success can be directly attributed to the dynamic and foresighted nature of an organisation that has ensured that the fast developing technologies and opportunities relevant to this industry, are readily absorbed and placed at the forefront of all aspects of the exposition planning. This has gained CSTB Telecom&Media the acclaimed status of being the “window” from which to learn and see what will influence the suppliers, implementer's and users in both the immediate and longer term future. 

It is becoming more and more complicated to stay profitable whilst offering regular services, that’s why almost all the Pay-TV market players consider opportunities beyond their general business. For instance, today telecom providers play an ever more significant part in OTT-video market.

The OTT services enable users to get personalized television which is one more component of the market success by increasing content consumption and ensuring subscribers’ loyalty.

On the whole the convergence of Internet technologies and television is reaching a mature and established acceptance. The telecom and TV market players find more and more ways for interaction which creates new perspectives for the industries development. CSTB. Telecom & Media visitors can find all of these trends and much more at the exhibitors’ booths and Forum sessions. 
CSTB. Telecom & Media unites the technologies and business models powering the creation, management and delivery of all forms of electronic media content to consumers. 

International Trade-show and Forum CSTB 2017 will 
take place from February 07 to 09, 2017 in Crocus Expo» Center.

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