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Discover your Smart life at X SQUARE

If you are interested in any of our products or have any questions, please send your E-mail to
We would very appreciate if you can leave your telephone number on your E-mail, in that way we could explain more clearly if your question is complicated. 

If you have a device in mind or want to know more about our services and capabilities, 
please don’t hesitate to contact us. We take great pride in having a hands-on approach with all of our clients and would be more than happy to arrange a meeting to introduce ourselves and find out more about your needs.

Discover your Smart life at X SQUARE


Company Name: X SQUARE Technology Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer & Trading
Main Products: Set-top Box, LNB, Satellite Receivers,  VSAT, etc ...
Year Established: 2003

X SQUARE, a leading of Satellites Equipment manufacturer with market leading in Low Noise Block, STB and others accessories such as DiSEqC Switches, was founded in 2003. Since the early start-up, we have been achieving key digital technologies. In 2006, X SQUARE started the Digital Set-top Box Business and now become available to meet customers with a ranges of set top boxes meeting the market demands. Over 500 in the team of X SQUARE & R&D experienced engineer working for software and hardware design. We are proudly delivering not only the products but also the satisfaction to our customers. In between you and X SQUARE, “Satisfaction & Quality” comes first, “Technology” last. X Square major concern is keeping face with customers providing quality-assured products based on the best technology ever, with us will be the one reliable company you can go with.

Our Vision
At X Square, we strive to make the vivid world more sustainable through innovation.
Our Mission is to let more people around the world, to meet their full purchasing potential. This is our commitment to our customers. We are committed to achieve the ultimate visual and auditory experience, so that everyone, regardless of race, age, can use our products are convenient and happy.



●  8 High Speed SMT Lines
●  10 DIP Lines
●  8 Assembly Lines
●  Total 800 Stuffs
●  Production Capacity 1,000,000 Sets/Month





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Quality Management

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