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The following options provide a full sets of VSAT product catalog

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In the VSAT product range, we offer a comprehensive range of power levels for all BUCs & Transceivers at C-Band, Ku-Band & Ka-Band, C/Ku-Band ODU Redundancy System, Ku-Band/C-Band for DRO/PLL LNB, LNA, 70MHz & L-Band Satellite Modem and 70MHz to L-Band Frequency Converter that come with cabling and other accessories to ensure nothing is left to chance. These VSAT systems can be configured for any voice, data, fax, video and internet or broadband application.

Our design is based in single unit system, intelligent digital control, light-weight space-saving design that enables simplicity of operation and integration into any satellite earth station.  This innovative design has won us a patented packaging technique and all our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest performance and reliability for long term operation. We also maintain quality assurance systems approved to international standard ISO 9001-2000.

Kindly service and product, directly to your expectations

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