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Ka Band Transceiver



The new BUC 4 is a high performance Ka-Band transceiver with unprecedented versatility. The product includes the complete antenna feed chain with polarizer, a wide-band PLL LNB and an OpenBMIP Monitoring and Control facility – all in a single, IP67 rated, enclosure. The unit is convection cooled (fan-less) to ensure best reliability. The DRC has the capability to operate over commercial and military Ka-Band frequencies by electronic sub-band switching. It also features electronic polarization switching between RHCP/LHCP as well as co-polar and cross-polar modes.
All this versatility allows the DRC to switch between any satellite without changing hardware. Standard L-Band RX-IF and TX-IFL interfaces match common VSAT modems. All production units are 100 % RF tested under environmental extremes.

Batch Record

Main Features

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a.  36dBm Output Power
b.  Very Small Size & Mass [2.55KG]
c.  Optional Internal Reference Source [PLL]

d.  High Frequency Stability
e.  Low DC Power Consumption: 42W
f.  Reliable All - Weather Performance

Typical Specifications


RF Band: 29 to 31 GHz
IF Band: 0.95 to 1.7 GHz
Output Power P-1: ≥36 dBm
Gain: ≥57 dB
IMD3: ≤-22 dBc(@per tone 29 dBm)
Spurious: ≤-50 dBc
Gain Variation: ≤±2 dB(750MHz), ≤±0.5 dB(80MHz)

Phase Noise:

≤-60 dBc/Hz@ 100Hz

≤-70 dBc/Hz@ 1kHz

≤-80 dBc/Hz@ 10kHz

≤-90 dBc/Hz@ 100kHz

Noise Figure: ≤10 dB
IF Interface: F
RF Interface: WR 28(BJ 320), with Groove
Input V.S.W.R.: ≤2.2:1
Output V.S.W.R.: ≤2.2:1
Power Consumption: 18-36VDC, 42W@36dBm
Size: 189.5mm x 83.0mm x 77.0mm
Weight: ≤2.55 kg

Mechanical Diagram

VSAT Ka BAND-BUC 4-01.png
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