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C Band Transceiver


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The C-BUC is a high performance, cost-effective RF transmitter designed for satellite communication with high speed transmission capability suitable for both television and high speed data communication. Base-band signals are modulated onto L-band frequency and multiplexed with 10 MHz reference and DC supply on the center conductor of the IF cable. It is then up converted and amplified in the C-BUC for transmission to the satellite via an antenna dish.

The C-BUC serves to up convert the L-band transmit signal to the C-band transmit frequency range and to to amplify it by an integrated SSPA. Power levels range from 1 mW to 500 W output. It is designed with low power consumption,
well suited for systems and applications where power is of prime concern. With low pulse
mode phase perturbation, it is extremely useful for systems that require burst mode

The transmit output waveguide is WR137 with groove and O-ring is provided. A yellow
transparent tape is laminated onto the wave guide; together with the O-ring and proper
installation, this prevents water ingress through the wave guide. 

Main Features

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a.  43dBm Output Power
b.  Very Small Size & Mass [3.9KG]
c.  Optional Internal Reference Source [PLL]
d.  High Frequency Stability

e.  Low DC Power Consumption: 300W
f.  Reliable All - Weather Performance
g.  Monitoring & Controlling

Typical Specifications


RF Band: 5.925 to 6.425 GHz
IF Band: 0.95 to 1.45 GHz
Output Power P-1: ≥43 dBm
Gain: 70 dB min
IMD3: ≤-27 dBc
Spurious: ≤-55 dBc
Gain Variation: ≤±2 dB

Phase Noise:

≤-60 dBc/Hz@ 100Hz

≤-70 dBc/Hz@ 1kHz

≤-80 dBc/Hz@ 10kHz

≤-90 dBc/Hz@ 100kHz

IF Interface: N
RF Interface: CPR137G
Input V.S.W.R.: ≤2:1
Output V.S.W.R.: ≤2:1
Size: 198.0mm x 120.0mm x 87.0mm
Weight: ≤3.9 kg

Mechanical Diagram

VSAT BUC 20W-01-01.png
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