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Ku Band Multi-grade

U1X2-1 Dual with Single 0°~6° LNB


The special dual Ku-Band LNB unit consisting of two Single LNBs is designed to receive close-spaced satellites, and it is the simplest solution to achieve one dish receiving two satellite signal simultaneously. In addition you can adjust the LNB each other. (adjustable distance range: 0~37 mm) For example, in area of Europe, Hot Bird 13 E and Astra 19.2 E satellites are popular, and they enable reception by monoblock LNB and single dish without requiring an expensive and noisy rotator. A similar advantage is provided by the special dual Ku-Band LNB unit to receive the two satellite signal simultaneously. Moreover, it is adjustable to receive two satellites of other angle space.


Batch Record

Step 1: Set the dish antenna on suitable location, Make sure there are no obstacles that may prevent the dish from receiving signal. 
Step 2: Fixup right LNB of the special dual LNB unit with LNB holder as shown on the figure, run cables between the LNB(s) and the receiver(s). 
Step 3: Set your dish to the proper Azimuth and Elevation settings to receive satellite A signal(left one). (This information should be supplied with your dish) 
Step 4: Adjust the dish and LNB which fixed in the LNBF holder to get the highest satellite signal. 
Step 5: Fixup the dish (Azimuth and Elevation). 
Step 6: Slide out left one LNB and rotate slowly to receive satellite B signal (right one), adjust the sliding length and rotate angle to get the highest satellite signal. 
Step 7: Use the attached Screw to fix the left LNB. 
Step 8: Re-confirm both LNBs getting the maximum signal. 
Step 9: Turn on the receiver and television and enjoy your favorite program. 
Note: You can use a DiSEqC switch to switch between two satellites.


Main Features

• External DiSEqC Switch Supported to support two Satellites
• Easy Installation, Easy to Adjust
• Economical LNB, One Dish antenna suitable for 2 Satellites
• Multi Satellite Reception using one single universal dish antenna
• Water Proof, Weather Protection, High Performance LNB
• High Gain, Ultra Low Noise Figure, DVB-S2 (HDTV) Compliant
• Qualified & 100% Quality Controlled

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F Connector Options


Typical Specifications

•  Input Frequency Range
    Low Band: 10.70~11.70GHz
    High Band: 11.70~12.75GHz
•  Output Frequency Range
    Low Band: 950~1950MHz
    High Band: 1100~2150MHz
•  Noise Figure
    Low Band: 0.6dB(Typ.)
    High Band: 0.6dB(Typ.)
•  Conversion Gain
•  Gain Flatness
•  Cross POL. Isolation
•  L.O. Frequency
    Low Band:9.75GHz
    High Band:10.60GHz
•  L.O. Frequency Stability
•  Operating Temperature

•  L.O. Phase Noise
•  Image Rejection
•  Output VSWR
•  Output Power
    0dBm (Min.)
    (at 1dB gain compression)
•  Connector Type
    75Ω Female Connector
•  DC Current Consumption
•  Low/High Band Switching
    Low Band:0Hz
    High Band:22KHz±4KHz
•  POL. Switching Voltage
    10.5~14.0V @VP
    16.0~20.0V @HP
•  Adjustable Distance Range

Mechanical Diagram

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