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Main Features

Searching of satellite and terrestrial signal, re-invented! Now the installations are EFFective: Easy, Fast, Fun!

·   Compact, easy-to-use satellite meter for easy, fast and precise antennae installation
·   Real-time Spectrum 9fps (110ms) + watching of TV channels
·   Red/Green LED bars for additional convenience in bright sunlight (Also displays SAT signal level+ TP level in       

    spectrum mode)
·   Constellation function (fast-tune)
·   Satellite & Terrestrial support
·   BER, MER, PER, SNR and RF level display
·   Best SAT ID function, so you always know from what SAT the signal is coming from
·   Voltage+Current display of LNB and/or Terrestrial antenna
·   Audio and visual alarm when signal locked
·   Keyboard glows in the dark, RCU included
·   Wi-Fi connectivity (USB dongle needed, optional)
·   Light-weight, strong and robust aluminum body
·   Stay hands-free: can be attached to your wrist/hand or belt or neck-strap
·   Special bag for installations in direct sunlight + additional protection
·   USB port for more functions
·   CCTV function (displays RCA audio+video from Cam, and provides power 12V)
·   Auto search, fast blind search, NIT search
·   Satellite position/Network name/Transponder info display (by NIT)
·   45...2350 MHz input frequency
·   DISEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS/Unicable (EN50494/EN50607) support
·   Can power up USALS motor to move dish
·   Signal Strength and Quality Digital Meter (both numerical value and picture)
·   Field-editing is also possible (no PC needed)
·   Can easily update data with Satellite.xml and Terrestrial.xml (Dreambox file types)
·   2800 mAh Li-Polymer battery
·   Possible to charge and power up from any DC power 10 ... 15V, even from satellite receiver
·   Can work without battery
·   HDMI out
·   Remote Control included
·   RS232 for service functions
·   Full set of protections against short-circuit, over-current, low-grade cables, etc
·   2 years, 24 months warranty
·   Included: bag, AC charger, car charger, remote control, A/V in cables, 12V out cable

In other words, functions of a “big professional meter”, at fraction of the cost! Yes, now it is possible.
Let's make installations Effective: Easy, Fast, Fun!




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